Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why should I join the Marines????

Hell I have no Idead but some people are into that sort of thing. Here is what I have found of during my time in the military. I have met people who have joined for the most selfish of reason's that goes for all branches, and I'm not knocking that because we all have to look out for ourselves.

I have met people who join the marines and the army because they say "I wanna blow shit up" Ummm Okay. Then there are those that really join because they want to make a difference, by serving mankind and trying to do what they can to protect their country.

Not everyone who joins the military is a Noble Hero, but many are. At the same time just because someone joins the military for their own selfish reasons does not mean that they cant get a taste of patriotism and remain on service for reasons bigger than themselves.

All Im saying is this, I love the kudos, and words of appreciation I receive for serving my country, but at the same time, I think I have a great job, and I don't really see myself as doing anything anyone else isn't doing. Im going to work to pay the bills and support myself and my family, I just chose to use the military as a vehicle.

I love my country but let's not get all mushy and sentimental. It is what it is.

but anyways check out the video, of some of the great things that our brothers and sisters in the marines are doing. Whether they really want to or not, they are doing it, because its comes with the job, and for that they have earned my respect.

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